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the Churches of Gavalochori

Agios Sergios & Bacchus

Άγιος Σέργιος και Βάκχος

celebration date 7 October

The architectural jewel of Gavalochori Apokoronas is the beautiful old Church of Saints Sergius and Bacchus. According to the marble inscription at the entrance of the Holy Temple, the church began to be built in 1896.

The history of the church begins from a very long time and specifically from 1750 where at the place where the church is built the icon of the holy martyrs Sergius and Bacchus was found.

This particular, imposing church began to be built in March 1896. The works lasted 10 years. In 1905, the architect Palamaras was invited from Tinos to take care of the domes and the cruciform domes of the roof.  The following year he built the last high dome himself.

In 1907 the project was completed. At Easter of 1908 the inauguration of the majestic church took place. Until 1930 the church was the cemetery of the village. The bentenias with the front door were also made that year. Its current iconostasis was built in 1952.