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what’s next?

these are the topics we’re working on or considering to add to this site

If you want to help with materials for these topics, or have other ideas just reach out.

the Taverna’s from Gavalochori

The taverna’s from Gavalochori are known way beyond the village, people drive long distances to come and enjoy their excellent dishes and hospitality here, each of them deserve a special page on this website.  And mid December 2020 we created the first pages for Arismari, Gavalianos and the Kafeneio.


We live in the heart of this wonderfull region and would love to share more information, and connect with others.


Gavalochori is famous for this unique weaving.  KOPANELI in Cretan Folk Art, which dates from the Byzantine times.  The kopaneli is the name of the technical interweaving of many silk threads on a vertical layout that are rolled around 14 narrow and long wood sticks that are called kopanelia.  The local Women’s Co-operative is actively reviving traditional handicrafts, examples of which can be bought in Monica’s shop. 

the artists

Many artists work and live in Gavalochori, part-time or full-time, and many artists living in the area create works inspired by Gavalochori, we’d like to profile them here.

the musicians

The musicians from Gavalochori creating and performing special musique often at the unique Cretan instrument the Lyra, we’d like to profile them here.

here’s the wikipedia article on the Cretan Lyra

Lefka Ori – the White Mountains

The impressive mountains are not really next door, but they are the beautiful backdrop of our village and deserve to get more attention here.

winemaking in Gavalochori

Lots of local wine is made in the village, and worth exploring furhter thru images and stories.

tsikoudia production in Gavalochori – Kazani’s

A very special activity in the atumn, an impression of this activity.

old historical photographs

We’re already sharing some old historical photographs from events in Gavalochori on the history page, but we’re sure there are many more interesting photographs, if you have any, doesn’t matter from what occasion please share them here.

local traditional dances

More about the local dances.

local traditional costumes

Making use of the exhibition in the Historical and Folklore Museum this is a nice place to share images of local traditional costumes.

our neighbouring villages

We’re blessed with wonderfull unique neighbouring villages, each with their own character and shared history, worth exploring especailly the shared histories with Gavalochori.

the Greek language

So unique, so special, so difficult for foreigners, something to dig into on the site here, and even explore the idea to organize groups where people can meet to practice speaking.

the Cretan dialect

And once you master the Greek language, it’s time to get into the Cretan dialect.  Click here for a great video clip on the Cretan dialect.

monuments and inscriptions in Gavalochori

In and around the village there are many monuments and inscribed stones from historical events, we’d like to capture these and explain the stories behind these events.

biking in & around Gavalochori

Bicycle riding is becoming more and more popular, and more and more easy thanks to electric bikes.  We’d like to share the best routes, the best places to stop, the best shops to get a bike for rent or to buy, to get service, and so on.  If you’ve got experience please share your knowledge here. 

and more sports

If you’d like to share more about your sport activity or local sports club, just contact us.


The tradition of carnaval is celebrated in Crete, and very little known Gavalochori participates as well.  We’d like to share more about this tradition in Gavalochori here.