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Nikos Papoutsakis

the Painters of Gavalochori

Papoutsakis Nicholas was born in Melbourne Australia in autumn 1965 and now lives in Gavalochori.  Followed by himself paths of artistic creation as it can express.  Later, seeking more knowledge and monitor the curriculum selection, Section of Fine Arts, University of Crete, next to the teacher Alexander Kapsokavadi where he opened new horizons in art.

Virtually self-taught and refusing to follow, and standardization is trying to carve his own oneiro.  Protarchikos objective is to convey the reality of the world of geometric symmetrias.  An and unlikely anyone could with his brush, even a little change our world he does act.

Through the presentation of exhibitions and events of the club that owns ​<<Friends of Art>>​ trying to highlight the diversity of the village his paintings reflect the unanswered, the mystery, and anexigito.  An someone wants to discover the world of his own will should first be prepared to enter into a magical world and aperanto. Aftos world governed by magic bold colors and plenty of shadows.