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about our content and copyright

Anything interesting related to Gavalochori we’d love to share here.  We try to avoid topics that are too commerical.  Tourism and holiday houses are important for the livelihood of the village, and there are already so many websites providing information on holiday house rentals and houses for sale that we don’t think we have anything special to contribute.  Which is why we’re staying away from that topic.

Everything you see and read on the site is either from ourselves or the original creators have given us permission to share it here, and we credit them.

Of course we would love it if you find our materials interesting enough to share for a non-commercial purpose, if so please check with us first.  We will always ask you to credit, the original creator if mentioned, and include a link to this site.

If by accident something has been published on our site that you think doesn’t belong here or we have no copyright for, please contact us and we will correct this with our apologies.

Thank You!