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Dörte Meichsner

the Painters of Gavalochori

„Art is my language and my art is about the process of painting and creating itself“.

I am a German artist living in Hamburg and Gavalochori. I have always been interested in experiencing new places and cultures. Since I came to Gavalochori for the first time in 2016 this wonderful place became a second home for me.

I am very much affected by my surroundings and so is my art. When living in Qatar for some years, the Arabic culture with its intense lifestyle and extraordinary light created atmosphere had a big impact on it. Since I now spend a lot of time in Gavalochori a new period began: My first series is dedicated to the typical Greek Kafenion.

For me, painting and creating is an ongoing dialog between abstraction and figuration. I work on small formats but also in bigger sizes, sometimes in series, by using acrylics and oil paints, watercolors, pencils, collages and prints. 

In my hometown Hamburg I run the art studio KUNST(Z)IMMER and have been working as an instructor of art for many years.