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Postcards & Posters from Gavalochori

instagram, facebook, whatsapp it’s all great, but an original authentic paper Postcard has something special to write, post and receive

here you will find a collection of postcards and posters we are specially creating and curating, it’s only just the beginning, many more are in the making, and they are for sale in the village, we hope you enjoy them and use them to spread the spirit of Gavalochori

if you have your own or other original Gavalochori themed postcards or posters you’d like to share here just let us know and we will be happy to include them

a beautiful unique poster depicting Gavalchori from Francesca Harrison
click on the image to see more of her works

beautiful postcards from the paintings by Mark Tristan – click on the images to see more of his work

posters from the paintings by Eli Raak Torsholt – click on the images to see more of her works

posters from the works by Danny Touw – click on the images to see more of his works

more postcards coming