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Animal Rehabilitation (and Research) Centre

or call them  +30 698 7431073

Gavalcohori is the home-base of Crete’s first and only Animal Rehabilitation (and Research) Centre.

All animals (including human-species) with physical and/or behavioural problems can seek advice here.
Animal Rehab Crete offers all kinds of assessments, rehab-programs and training but the basic principle is that ‘Movement is the best Medicine’. Animal Rehab Crete is physical therapy for dogs, humans and all other species.

Preferably training is in your own house, garden or on location, for most dogs this is more convenient.  We also use some fields or olive groves around Gavalochori and for water-exercises the sea is always close!

Animal Rehabilitation Crete is founded by Vincent Hoogstad, born in Rotterdam, Holland and since 2018 he’s slowly transforming into a true Cretan.  He lives and works in and around Gavalochori and besides his work as a certified Canine and human physical therapist he’s an independent researcher, primatologist and behavioural ecologist. Vincent has recently started writing a book about the influence of Evolution on movement and behaviour, so he may call himself a writer too.

Although the work field of Animal Rehab Crete covers the whole of Chania prefecture, most activities are in or around Gavalochori.  There are not so many places in Europe (anymore) where you can live so close with nature as in this part of Crete.  A life that’s based on on natural evolution and natural principles is more healthy, for animals and humans.

Animal Rehab Crete is always looking for nice collaborations, good conversation and getting more attention for rehabilitation in (animal)healthcare.  And of course, all clients are welcome too!

When you see Vincent walk through the village (with or without dog) don’t hesitate to seek contact.  He prefers freddo Espresso with very little sugar.