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Asi Gonia

blessing of the herds

evlogia ton provaton


Asi Gonia is also known for the “blessing of herds” (evlogia ton provaton), an old custom that is observed every year on the feast of St. George (April 23).

On this day shepherds bring their sheep and goats to the church of Ai-Giorgi Galatas (Saint George the milkman) below the main square.
There, the animals are gathered and milked one by one, while the priest blesses the herd. The milk is offered to the attendees either cold or boiled,
while local girls dressed in traditional costumes offer Cretan rusk and cheese.

Administratively, Asi Gonia is mentioned as part of the Municipality of Mathe in 1881, part of the Municipality of Georgioupolis in 1900 and a
community of its own from 1915 to 1999, when it became a municipality that joined with five others in 2010 to form the Municipality of Apokoronas.

source: Municipality of Apokoronas